After many hours of playing around with the XML files and doing a lot of testing (many, many hours), I decided to release a Mk.2 version of my ZikZ 5368 Scout truck. It is still the same base truck but with just about everything tweaked, changed, or replaced. It is now a monster of the little truck that is fast, can go almost anywhere, and still can do some hauling. The goal was, and is, to make a very good medium/heavy scout truck with enough options to use as a rescue truck, explorer, or just run around the map. Being one of a very few “small” trucks, this was my choice to work on. It will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it when starting a new map or needing to do a truck retrieval.

If you do experience any issues, please post a message on I will also entertain requests. I’ve been having so much fun with this truck that I may want to try another.

Changes to Base Truck:

– Level Locks on most advanced items but it is set so low, it should not be an issue. Everything should be unlocked by level 8. I don’t think I left any exploration locks but it is easy to miss.

– Engines have been tweaked and added a set of modern US engines.

– ALL tires have been tweaked. The cost and performance of each tire should be normalized so great tires cost a lot, more standard tires cost a little. All tires will have a description that includes their specific perks: Offroad, Mud, or Asphalt

– Added 3 Addon Modules for the truck. They are all Maintenance/Service Modules with each having a different mix of fuel, tires, and repairs.

– Can tow both standard trailers and scout trailers. All trailers will work with all addons. Also has a Saddle-Low hitch but not that useful as this is a “medium” truck. The fuel in the addons does have an effect on balance. As you use fuel, the mass of the addon is reduced and the CG moves lower.

– Included a full set of Beast Tires. These tires are configured to be 1st in class and their cost will reflect this. This does not mean that each tire set has the same performance. Offroad tires are great on rocks and hills but not as good in mud. The mud tires are great in mud but not as good other surfaces. The mud tires do seem to be the best overall so use them if you need all-around performance. If you want a challenge, use one of the more “generic” tires. They will test you.

– Included the Mega Tayga Mud Tires. They look cool and no swamp is safe from them.

– Changed the engine sounds and added a supercharger.

– Added a Custom Suspension for using the truck as a scout. Still has the normal and raised suspensions as options for when you want. All work well.

– New Custom Gearbox. The new gearbox has 6 forward, 3 low, and 1 high. It is tuned to the low side but will still let the truck move when in top gear.

– Added a Scout Winch. This is an Offline Winch with a long cable and high power. You will never get stuck with this one.

– Increased the base fuel capacity to 220L and tuned the gearbox and engines to keep fuel use down. There is a penalty for using AWD so you may want to not turn it on unless needed.

– Engageable Diff. Lock – Available for truck and I did not set it up for full-time use. I like the option of when to use it.

– The Mass of the truck has been reduced and lowered. (What would you expect for a custom scout truck?) This is the main reason this is not a great hauler but it IS as very good scout IMHO.




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