Manual Installation Only!

All winches are Autonomous so that means they can be used with the engine off.

All Winches are 2X Stronger and 2X Longer.

Winches example:

Default: Strength 28(Used to be 14) Lenght 2.0(Used to be 1.0)

High-power: Strength 36(Used to be 18) Lenght 2.6(Used to be 1.3)

All costs and level unlocks are the same.

Works with SnowRunner V11 (14-12-2020 Update)

Install Instructions:

Manual Installation Only! Subscribe will mess up the mod.

1. Download

2. Backup & Open (SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient) initial.pak with Winrar

3. go to [Media] in initial.pak

4. Drag & drop the classes folder from Winches 2X in to initial.pak/[Media]


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