The Canadian Shield

This map is updated for the base game version 10.4

I can confirm that this region worked in multiplayer for me

If you want dev tools go to documents/mygames/snowrunner/base/Mods/modio/mods/173582 and open the regiondesc.json. at the bottom change the “false” to “true” on dev tools enabled and save

Muskoka Highlands and Highrock County are available to download and play individually with dev tools enabled

A scenic trip around rocky Canadian landscapes that will keep you busy whether you are into trailing or hauling loads.

This region is made up of Highrock County, Muskoka Highlands, a revamped The Long Haul (Northumberland County now) and a brand new map Glen Haffy Heights

  • 60+ tasks and contracts to be completed
  • Tons of upgraded vehicles and trailers to be found, repaired or recovered
  • Many multi map hauls
  • The Northumberland map has 20 upgrades hidden around it. (Not all upgrades but I tried to add some of the most used)

I am not very pleased with the dev team and unfortunately I am moving on from snowrunner. I will leave all my mods up but I’m sure at some point they won’t work anymore. Thanks to everyone for the support they have given. Have fun out there






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