MAX Pack Trucks v3.8

NEW MOD UPDATE added MOD Diff Lock part ONLY DLC owners will see ON

navistar, when you buy the diff lock it will remove one of the inside Stickers

drive Axle to ford clt ,international transtar and p16, if you already have a clt , transtar and p16 just buy the awd part

trucks with DU MUD name will have extra 4 wheels now tayga and super heavy mud tires can have rear doubles

DU MUD ank mk38 MAX

DU MUD dan 96320 MAX

DU MUD derry longhorn 3194 MAX

DU MUD derry longhorn 4520 MAX

DU MUD ford clt9000 MAX

DU MUD freightliner 114sd MAX

DU MUD freightliner m916a1 MAX

DU MUD gmc 9500 MAX

DU MUD international fleetstar f2070a MAX

DU MUD international paystar 5070 MAX

DU MUD international transtar 4070a MAX

DU MUD Pacific p12w MAX

DU MUD Pacific P16 MAX

DU MUD royal bm17 MAX

DU MUD step 310e MAX

DU MUD tayga 6436 MAX

DU MUD voron ae4380 MAX

DU MUD voron d53233 MAX

DU MUD voron grad MAX

DU MUD ws 4964 white MAX

DU MUD ws 6900xd twin MAX


MAX pack Trucks public release version

will be looking into getting this mod approved for console

All base game trucks with different versions


Max Trucks

ank mk38 MAX

azov 4220 antarctic max

azov 5319 MAX

azov 64131 MAX

azov 73210 MAX

CAT 745c MAX


chevrolet kodiakc70 MAX

dan 96320 MAX

derry longhorn 3194 MAX

derry longhorn 4520 MAX

ford clt9000 MAX

freightliner 114sd MAX

freightliner m916a1 MAX

gmc 9500 MAX

international fleetstar f2070a MAX

international paystar 5070 MAX

international transtar 4070a MAX

kolob 74760 MAX

kolob 74941 MAX

Pacific p12w MAX

Pacific P16 MAX

royal bm17 MAX

step 310e MAX

tayga 6436 MAX

voron ae4380 MAX

voron d53233 MAX

voron grad MAX

ws 4964 white MAX

ws 6900xd twin MAX

zikz 5368 MAX


other versions

4 wheel steer chevrolet kodiakc70 MAX

4 wheelsteerzikz 5368 MAX

6 wheel steer ws 6900xd twin MAX

double wheels derry longhorn 4520 MAX


Sorry no Navi Star until the devs add a way to Allow DLC mods and block non dlc players from DLC mods


New LED headlights and options for trucks

service addons or other addons that use to block trailers will auto shift and

works with trailers after you buy a trailer dont worry when you click buy it will auto shift

MAX cranes now have Winch points. you can crane trees now, set were you want crane to be at and exit crane mode, Winch and go back to crane mode

Lots of tire options

also added TAYGA SNOW ICE it will be in chains name SNOW ICE MUDTIRES SINGLE TAYGA

also will be the default tire for all trucks

max engine or standard ones of your choice

more tire options and more rims for every tire

if a rim dose not fit right just change rim to one you want

more gearbox options

more suspensions options

better winches

more addons and custom options to chose mix and match you can even put 2 bumpers at once on some truck options




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