Khan Loaf Perfect «Bukhanka» for SnowRunner

I ask you not to bomb right away, I’m not a pro …, I did it for myself, I liked it, I decided to share it. So: edited Khan Loaf;

1. Increased suspension height;

2. Added a large selection of wheels;

3. Adjusted the center of mass;

4. Increased engine power;

5. Increased tank volume to 180 liters;

6. Improved steering

7. And other little things …

Changes in v 1.1: – Restored two default suspensions and added a third enlarged one,

– Adjusted the wheelbase as possible (otherwise it looked terrible on small wheels)


1. We follow the path … Where did you install the game … SnowRunner en_us preload paks client

2. Open initial.pak through the WinRar archiver;

3. Find and change files from initial.pak to files from the archive.

And yes … I don’t speak English, Google translator, so sorry!


Khan Loaf 


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