Frog’s Titanious Maximous 6×6

IDK if this will be on console, it abides by all the rules much like the 4×4 version but the devs are out of office until 1/11/2020 so we will see when they get back if it arrives on console

not part of the 4×4 mod to prevent pc players from having to wait till the 11th for it, and to allow it to have a garage image of its own as the game doesnt like 2 garage pics in one pak

Multiple Suspension, Engine, and Transmission options

Multiple rims and Tires

G2 Diffs Built By CCS

Original Model From Hum3d

Most Rims and Tires Built by Capone

Has a few different addons for different things

Interior Customization

Full Interior, Working Gauges

Pickle Rick On the Dashboard Built By TnB BigDubz420

Full Color Choices

Can Haul Trailers





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