Derry Longhorn – HET M1070

This is an attempt recreate the real life M1070 as much as is possible in the confines of the game.

My tweak is more about the fantasy and immersion of a Military spec truck, and i hope i’ve achieved that.

I have designed it for one purpose, and one purpose only – To be a monsterous Semitrailer hauler. Therefore it only has Saddle attachments.

It will perform in any scenario as i have tested it’s capabilities using my Heavy Haul mod for added difficulty.

Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize them in any way in your own mods. Violation of this can and has led to account bans, and further actions will be taken as necessary.

The tire type does not matter, it’s a cosmetic choice only. the Diffrence lies in the versions:
Basic > Pro > Soft; in order of performance.
Basic is vanilla game for realism enthusiasts, Pro are slightly overpowered and the soft ones are less bouncy and provide minimal increase in grip over pro.


Includes two big semitrailers from base game that i have tweaked with better suspension, matching tires, and better lights, find them in trailer store as Oshkosh trailers
Added Antennas, led lights, jerry cans, repair boxes, and custom tires.
Fixed missing lights, and overhauled the exisiting ones.
Everything was tweaked! Overall mass increased; engine; gearbox; suspension; turn radius; fuel consumption; tank size and much more.
Color schemes set to match the MTVR series of Trucks made by Rng3r because they come from the same company Oshkosh Defense and he allowed the use of some of his assets.
Two suspensions; same stats but one is active if you want more control over ground clearance.






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