Canadian Runner 02 – The old Volcano v1.2

**Mod working on Standard version of the game**

Player might need to delete mod and re-subscribe again if your mod is impossible to find or not working proprely. sorry about it! (patch 11.0)

-You arrive by boat on an island in full economic development located on the west coast of Canada near Vancouver. An oil slick was discovered and an company decided to invest a fortune to start extracting and refining the oil.

With this investment, the city decided to build a new port to be able to provide the perfect place to export gasoline tanks. Following this economic boost, several local businesses have also decided to invest, expand and update their facilities to be able to take advantage of these infrastructures.

Travel through this ancient volcanic island, explore magnificent landscapes, fill as many contracts as possible and fill your pockets with cash while there’s still work to do!

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Some additions will be made during the next update:

– I will add recovery missions for pieces of the plane.

– Some vehicles do not disappear after completing quests.

-The addition of some sounds all over the map.

-More info update to come.

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