Bradford Mountain Trails

Hello all, BigDubz here. Welcome to my first ever snowrunner map. This map is based off the area around Rusk/Alto Texas area. This is not a 100% representation of the land but it is pretty close in spots. In this map you will find new custom models including Rocks( With WAY MORE FRICTION), Signs, fish, and much more. So be on the look out while driving. Something to keep in mind, I made this map in a little over week so this is not going to be my best work. The main thing is that I have custom models working and better rock friction to crawl on. This is just what I wanted to show and how Snowrunner can be like. And yes, I have a way to fix the hover above rocks. Most of this map is made with out the fix but there is a few bright red rocks that have the fix on them. This is a WIP still on the models and this map is not my biggest. The next few will be max size. There will be cool surprises. Later my models will play into my objectives and will have easter eggs to look for.

Up Coming News: FYI, I’ll be doing two trucks soon along with a 2 part map series.







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