Engine: 2.0L OHV 4C, 2.8L V6, 4.3L V6

Gearbox: Balanced, Offroad, Highway

Suspension: Stock, Medium with manual control, Flexy with manual control

Winch: Stock Scout, Extended Scout, Advanced Scout, High-power Scout, Autonomous Scout

Tires: Custom All Terrain/Offroad/Mud/Studded tires. Hummer H2/Tayga

Diff. Lock: Installed

Frame Addons: Roofrack with fuel tires and spares. Snorkel, Boot supplies


Roof Top: (addons in production)

Bumpers: Stock front bumper, Stock rear bumper, Custom Offroad front and rear bumper with moving shackles

Misc: Full body paint, Two tone paint, Long hood Antanna

Exhaust: Rear-side exhaust

Rims: 5 custom options including some base game options based on tire choice


Full selection of color options including 3 unique skins

Interior Customization

Air fresheners (more will be added)


1989 Chevrolet K5 created by Iceberg (Delta Gaming)

Thanks to:

MrExcuses, The PuppyMaster, maxmike181, TnB Xofroggy and YusufB for answering all my questions along the way. Without the support of you guys this would not have been possible.

Paintinx and DIKCheess for testing.


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